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    As of now, this wiki is a barely active wasteland created only so Spanish people can enjoy Dream Fiction Wiki.

    It's stayed that way. Almost forever.

    So of right now, i'm giving this wiki a modern makeover.

    No, i won't use the modern editor until the people at FANDOM force us to --- the new editor is pretty annoying and only there for modernization purposes.

    So no, we won't ENTIRELY put it in the style of  the new Dream Fiction Wiki by Ootwar. 

    What will i do? I will make a Spanish Dream Logos Wiki. And i'm thinking we could make the Dream Tropes Wiki into an actual wiki in Spanish.  

    Anyways, if you want to have admin, or anything else for that matter, go here.

    Also, if you want bureacrat, ask Mattigen Mase or contact FANDOM.


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