"Balls" Ltd. (sometimes called Balls, formerly "Balls", LLC. and "Balls" Inc.), is an American (formerly multinational) video game developer and publisher, and before July 2015, licensor and distributor. Founded in 1981 by Michael Wildshill, John Harris and Bill Williams, "Balls" is known for the Balls series and used to hold the license to make Greeny Phatom video games. The company is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


"Balls" was founded in 1981 by Michael Wildshill (a former employee at Atari), Bill Williams and John Harris (then-employee at On-Line Systems) as a company specializing in video compression and non-linear editing systems, particularly for Acorn Archimedes computers.

"Balls" made its first game called Balls., and made a series out of them.

In 1982, when On-Line Systems was becoming Sierra On-Line, "Balls" hired many employees from On-Line Systems. They hired employees again, this time, from Atari, in 1984, when Atari, Inc. was closing down

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