The or 0 to Singapore ( Japanese: 0からシンガポール 0 Kara shingapōru ) is El Kadsrean-Japanese-Singaporean movie from 2008 produced by Anario Film (El Kadsre and Japan) and Singaporean Film Company (Singapore).  It's one of the film adaptations of 0 to Singapore by Takuro Manaro.


The film is set in the world of anthropomorphic animals. An, the panda from fictional city of Amaran is kidnapped by unknown persons to Singapore. He gets the choice. Either he reveals state secrets or he will be murdered. An did that request, but he got another choice. Either he will join the gang or he will ( like at previous choice ) get murdered. An decided to escape. Then he goes to the airport to return to Amaran.


  • Mantu Kansu as An
  • Anurishi Manshu as the boss of gang
  • Aaron Khan Varuntar as gang member #1
  • Lee Daikensu as gang member #2
  • Ming Daikensu as gang member #3
  • Nekojushi Anduranshingu as gang member #4
  • Tai Lu-sung as murdered prime minister
  • Angu Lu-sung as Singaporean president
  • and more...


  • Mantu Kansu played An the panda, but actually he is... the wolf.
  • Aaron Khan Varuntar is the only actor that isn't from Japan, El Kadsre or Singapore. He is from Wolfstan.


The movie got positive receptions:

  • 100% on Rotten Tomatoes
  • 100% on Singaporean Film Library
  • 100% on NHK Movie Portal
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