"It is actually impossible to reach that high in standard Drillimation gameplay, as most players generally score around 1.5 million points."
- Susumu Takajima, with an interview for PC Gamer

The '10 Million Points Problem' (Japanese: 1000万点の不具合, Hepburn: 'Ichisen-man-ten no Fuguai') is a glitch that appears in Drillimation games in the Driller Engine 1 Era and the Driller Engine 2 Era. The score counter stops when the score of 9,999,990 points is reached, making it impossible to score more than 10 million points.


Upon reaching that high, the game will no longer count score. The maximum allowed score for games during those two eras were 16,777,216 points, which would cause the game to crash. A prime example of this glitch happening was shown in a 2004 video on VidSpace when Touhou Project player Mirufu showed the effects of it while emulating the original Japanese arcade ROM of Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom in MAME.

Known games

Driller Engine 1 Era

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