The 1977 Vlokozuian Labor Party Purge was a public purge of the Vlokozuian Labor Party orchestrated by Michael Vlokozu on November 2, 1977.


On July 14, 1977, 26 men of the Vlokozuian Army attempted to assassinate Michael Vlokozu in his residence in El Kadsre City. The raid was unsuccessful, leaving 24 soilders killed and 2 arrested. Katashi Ito, the then-president of the Vlokozu Union, subsequently attempted to cover up its involvement by making claims that the Soviet spies are responsible. Less than three months later after SSV found out Ito was behind the raid after one solider who was the perpetrator of the raid said it was ordered by Katashi and the Soviet Union's denial of the raid, Katashi resigned from office to avoid the impeachment trail and he was later exiled to the Philippines.

On September 23, 1977, the Vlokozu Union annexed the Vicnoran Kingdom under the command of Michael Vlokozu. 26 state members of the United Nations had recognized the Vlokozuian State of Vicnora as the Vlokozu Union's illegal occupation of Vicnora's land. One fourth of the members of the Labor Party of the Vlokozu Union have opposed Michael's idea to occupy Vicnora.


On November 2, Vlokozu convened an assembly of party leaders in the parliament house. During the assembly, which he ordered videotaped to be aired live on Vlokozu Television, Upton Joiner, the then-executive of the SSV, has reported that Katashi Ito had the leading role in the assassination attempt of Michael Vlokozu and the pro-Viknakaist Vlokozuian elite were planning to perform the coup and gave the names of the 72 alleged co-conspirators, 25 of them supported Katashi Ito and 47 of them were against Vlokozu Union's occupation of Vicnora. These were removed from the room one by one as their names were called and taken into custody. After the list was read, Vlokozu congratulated those who were still seated in the room. Those arrested at the meeting were tried together and found guilty of treason. While 36 men were exiled and 16 were sent to prison, 20 were executed by the firing squad near the Vloksville quarry.

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