The 1989 Vlokozuian coup d'état attempt, also known as the March Coup and the March 27 incident, was a attempt by the members of the Vlokozuian Labor Party and the Vlokozuian Army respectively led by Vlokozuian Army marshal Timothy Hiaasen, to take control of the union from Susumu Mizushima, the president and prime minister of the Vlokozu Union on March 27, 1989. The coup leaders, who were VLP members, were opposed to Mizushima's reforms and acceptance of Vlokozuian states' referendums for independence.

Timothy Hiaasen, who was one of loyalists of Michael Vlokozu and also both a ally and a critic of Susumu Mizushima, launched the campaign of civil resistance in El Kadsre City and they managed to take control of the union. However, the coup collapsed three hours later and Susumu Mizushima returned power and the coup's execution caused the union to become more destabilized, leading to its dissolution which happened two days later.

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