On June 19, 2009, four members of a transnational crime syndicate, Shsobatsu-shi Ichizoku, Shinobu Mizushima, Makoto Koizumi, Taiki Ueda and, Kouki Kato killed 313 people and injuring 543 others in the Westfield shopping center in Caelum. It was one of the most deadliest mass shootings in El Kadsreian history.


The shooting took place in the Westfield Caelum shopping center, located 2.1 km north from the city center of Caelum. Mizushima, Koizumi, Ueda and Kate arrived at the shopping center with their grey 2005 Mazda3 hatchback. After arriving in the parking lot, they put on their ballistic vests and armed their M60 machine guns. According to Kato, the leader, Mizushima instructed his group not to speak Japanese so as to ensure that the then-president of El Kadsre, Bob Toshi is blamed for the shooting.

When they enter the building (occupied by around 400+ citizens on each floor) via the door from the parking lot, they begin firing indiscriminately at the shoppers at their sight. They then walk into the Adidias store, shooting aimlessly at everyone who were attempting to hide away from them.

They continue their attack through three stores that are BI-LO, Toys R Us and Harvey Norman. They then move up the stairs where there are more civillians running away and continue their attack through surrounding stores and tossing grenades at the stores. The security guards vainly attempt to stop them but they were easily killed by Mizushima and his men. They then come to the elevator bundled with more security guards but Ueda tosses the grenade at them, one escaped while three were killed in the explosion.

As they walk into El TV Kadsre Cinemas to kill all remaining civilians, the mall went on lockdown and the EKSSC and SAS enters the mall. They hid in the counters as they prepare themselves for the full-scale attack. Mizushima said “I’ve been waiting for a long time for this. We’re going to kill some cops.” They engage the EKSSC, but Taiki Ueda is eventually killed during the fighting. After killing some troops, Mizushima took out his Heckler & Koch USP pistol and then shoots Koizumi and Kato before committing suicide by the self-gunshot wound.


Kouki Kato managed to survive a gunshot wound and he was arrested in charges for murder. He pleaded guilty and was given 54 life sentences without any possibility of parole.

Westfield Caelum was forced into the $250 million redevelopment. The mall was reopened on June 19, 2011, two years after the shootings.


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