On May 11, 2017, a pirate satellite radio broadcaster broadcasting from a house located in a rural area of Alexonia got attention when they hijacked the El Kadsre City transmissions of Self Radio. This began at 2:56 pm and ended at 3:23 pm, as the affected station managed to return on-air.


During the first hour of the Rainbow Thursday program, white noise began to overlap regular sound, and eventually made up to 50%. People were asking what is actually that and decided to phone the transmitter authority, but had that and was not a problem regarding the transmitter, it was diagnosed that a new radio station is preparing itself to hijack the transmitter in El Kadsre City. Soon, people started going to news sites to report the event most notably on CNN El Kadsre.

At 2:56 pm, the radio station's audio cut out for 5 seconds. Then, the Voice of the Vlokozu Union news theme played, but then came on a different voice, who announced:

Good morning. Self Radio has been taken over by ZM ALEXONIA, the only radio station you will listen to from now on! Hah!

Upon the end of this speech, music played by accordion started to be heard and lasted ten seconds.

After that, another announcer stated:

Ladies and gentlemen, we now play a great song about love and stuff. Meh.

Then, the theme song to Sylvanian Families was played. After that, the voice from the start announced:

And now, a paid advertisement break.

After that, several spoof ads played, but they were cut off by white noise and then 5 seconds of silence. Presenter Sebastian Ralphs then announced:

What the hell was that?

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