2Super2Hot is a sequel to the videogame Superhot released in 2004 in El Kadsre.


The version of 2Super2Hot that was released was not meant to be the game itself. Theorysonic had made a promise to release the Superhot sequel by Christmas, and the staff of Theorysonic Game Studios, according to Superhot creator Takuma Kedzierski, "was hyped up about getting the game out in time for Christmas."

As a contingency plan, Theorysonic developed three versions of 2Super2Hot, each different from the other. One, meant to be the actual 2Super2Hot, was developed in-house by Theorysonic Game Studios, another was a backup game developed by their budget studio Magik Programming Arts in case TGS' version wasn't ready in time for the holiday season, and another, which was a total conversion/mod of the very recently released Half-Life 2, was made by Black Widow Games in case neither version was ready in time. The Theorysonic and Magik versions began development in August, whilst the Black Widow version began development two days after Half-Life 2 was released on Microsoft Windows. However, as the December deadline approached, all three versions weren't considered ready in time, so Theorysonic asked other developers if they had half-finished games of a similar style to Superhot so they could reprogram it and use it as an impromptu 2Super2Hot.

During the search, Theorysonic come across a cancelled sequel to Chex Quest that was being worked on by VOOM! New England Software. Takuma went to the United States and arrived in Massachusetts to supervise the reprogramming and modding of the unfinished game into 2Super2Hot. As a result, Theorysonic had developed four versions of 2Super2Hot.

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