Source: Mahri Bulletin, 12th July, 2017


  • 6:00am; It Is Written El Kadsre
  • 6:30am; Lolirock (G)
  • 6:55am; Voltron: Legendary Defender (G)
  • 7:20am; Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (G)
  • 7:45am; The Loud House (G)
  • 8:00am; Supernoobs (G)
  • 8:15am; Informercials
  • 10:00am; G2G (G)
  • 10:30am; MyStreet
  • 11:00am; The Champions (PG)
  • 12:00pm; Dear Uge (PG)
  • 1:00pm; Coronation Street (M)
  • 2:00pm; Tokyo Tower (M)
  • 3:00pm; Freaky (PG)
  • 3:30pm; RWBY (PG)
  • 4:00pm; Technic Heroes: Forces of Creative (M)
  • 5:00pm; Heartland (PG)
  • 6:00pm; Foursome (PG)
  • 6:30pm; The Simpsons (M)
  • 7:00pm; Ten 7 Summer (M)
  • 7:30pm; Fair Go El Kadsre
  • 8:00pm; The Big Bang Theory (PG)
  • 8:30pm; Eyewitness
  • 9:30pm; Sensing Murder (AV)
  • 10:30pm; Newsnight
  • 11:00pm; Riverdale (M)
  • 12:00am; The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (M)
  • 1:00am; Infomercials
  • 5:00am; Sing It (PG)
  • 5:25am; Angry Kid (AO)
  • 5:30am; Shortland Street (M)
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