Source: Mahri Weekends, 15th-16th July 2017


  • 6:00am; Slugterra (CA)
  • 6:25am; Yin Yang Yo! (US)
  • 6:40am; Malachi Tyrus (US)
  • 6:55am; NEW: Too Loud (US)
  • 7:00am; Sailor Moon (JP)
  • 7:25am; Backstage (CA)
  • 7:50am; Bunnicula (US)
  • 8:15am; Robotman vs. The Technic Heroes (EK)
  • 8:40am; Violetta (ARG)
  • 9:35am; The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (US)
  • 10:00am; Rage Mahri
  • 12:00pm; Sunday PinaSaya El Kadsre (EK)
  • 2:00pm; Wildlife on 2k
  • 2:30pm; The Moody Loser (NN)
  • 3:30pm; Merlin (UK)
  • 4:35pm; Instascam (NN)
  • 5:05pm; Technic Heroes: Superaction! (EK)
  • 6:00pm; The Cul-De-Sac (NZ)
  • 6:30pm; The X Factor (UK)
  • 7:30pm; Suits (US)
  • 8:30pm; 2k Sunday Night Movies: Wild Wild West (1999) (US)
  • 10:30pm; 2k Specials: Triple J's One Night Stand 2017 (EK)
  • 12:00am; Infomercials
  • 4:55am; RWBY Chibi (US)
  • 5:00am; Good Game Spawn Point (EK)
  • 5:30am; Noel's House Party (UK)
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