Source: Mahri Weekends, 21st-22nd October, 2017


  • 6:00am; LazyTown (C)
  • 6:25am; Magic Box (C)
  • 6:50am; OMG! (C)
  • 7:00am; Squirt Mahri
  • 9:00am; 2k Movies: Star vs. The Forces of Evil: The Battle of Mewni (2017) (PG)
  • 11:00am; The Loud House (G)
  • 11:15am; DanTDM Creates a Big Scene (G)
  • 11:30am; Spotify Chart Attack (PG)
  • 12:30pm; My Kitchen Rules New Zealand (G)
  • 1:30pm; Hey Ghost, Let's Fight (PG)
  • 2:30pm; The Fosters (PG)
  • 3:25pm; NEW: RWBY (PG)
  • 3:55pm; NEW: Ultra Nova (PG)
  • 4:25pm; NEW: All-Star Videoke Mahri (G)
  • 6:00pm; 2k Movies: Casper (1995) (PG)
  • 8:00pm; Liar Liar (G)
  • 8:30pm; The IT Crowd (M)
  • 9:05pm; A Two Tickets to Thailand (PG)
  • 9:35pm; Travel Guides (M)
  • 10:30pm; 2k Movies: Unfriended (2015) (AV)
  • 12:30am; Rage Mahri (AO)
  • 4:55am; The Ren & Stimpy Show (M)
  • 5:10am; 13 Reasons Why (M)
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