Source: Mahri Weekends, 21st-22nd October, 2017


  • 6:00am; NEW: Mysticons (G)
  • 6:25am; The Rock Band Girls (G)
  • 6:40am; Malachi Tyrus (G)
  • 6:55am; NEW: The Magic School Bus Rides Again (G)
  • 7:20am; My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (G)
  • 7:45am; Bunnicula (G)
  • 8:00am; What Now Mahri
  • 10:00am; Rage Mahri (M)
  • 12:00pm; My Kitchen Rules New Zealand (G)
  • 2:00pm; Good Game Spawn Point El Kadsre (G)
  • 2:30pm; Living on The Coast (G)
  • 3:00pm; Doctor Who (PG)
  • 4:05pm; The 100 (M)
  • 5:00pm; Simon's House Party Halloween Special (G)
  • 6:00pm; Treehouse of Horror XX (M)
  • 6:30pm; Technic Heroes: Big Triangle (M)
  • 7:30pm; 60 Minutes El Kadsre
  • 8:30pm; Suits (M)
  • 9:30pm; 2k Sunday Night Movies: The Gallows (2015) (AV)
  • 11:30pm; Real Rob (PG)
  • 12:00am; Infomercials
  • 5:30am; The Young Ones (M)
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