Source: Mahri Bulletin, 31st March 2017


  • 6:00am; It Is Written El Kadsre (G)
  • 6:30am; LazyTown (C)
  • 6:55am; FINALE: Power Stone (G)
  • 7:20am; FINALE: Bakugan Battle Brawlers (G)
  • 7:45am; My Life Me (G)
  • 8:00am; The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show (G)
  • 9:00am; Infomercials
  • 10:00am; Coronation Street (M)
  • 11:00am; First Dates (M)
  • 12:00pm; Movies: The Seventh Victim (1943) (PG) (B&W)
  • 2:00pm; What's Next (G)
  • 2:30pm; Yuvi's New World (C)
  • 3:00pm; Legend Quest (G)
  • 3:30pm; FINALE: Star vs. The Forces of Evil (G)
  • 4:00pm; The Next Step (G)
  • 4:30pm; Blue Peter El Kadsre
  • 5:00pm; 2k Live
  • 6:00pm; DOUBLE BILL: The Simpsons (M)
  • 7:00pm; Shortland Street (M)
  • 7:30pm; My Kitchen Rules El Kadsre (G)
  • 9:30pm; Shooting Stars (M)
  • 10:00pm; The Roast
  • 10:10pm; FINALE: A Day in the Life of Zach Attack (M)
  • 10:35pm; Newsnight
  • 11:05pm; Triple J TV with The Cyber (M)
  • 12:05am; Fawlty Towers (PG)
  • 12:40am; Rage Mahri (M)
  • 4:40am; Access Magazine
  • 5:05am; 2k Live
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