Source: Mahri Weekends, 8th-9th July, 2017


  • 6:00am; LazyTown (IS)
  • 6:25am; My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Dance Magic (2017) (US)
  • 6:50am; Kulipari: An Army of Frogs (US)
  • 7:15am; The Amazing World of Gumball (US)
  • 7:30am; Hyperlinked (US)
  • 8:00am; Hanazuki: Full of Treasures (US)
  • 8:15am; King of Atlantis (US)
  • 8:30am; DanTDM Creates a Big Scene (US)
  • 8:45am; Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force (US)
  • 9:00am; Chuck's Choice (CA)
  • 9:15am; The ZhuZhus (CA)
  • 9:30am; Technic Heores: Monster Fighters (EK)
  • 10:30am; Spotify Chart Attack (UEKN)
  • 11:30am; My Kitchen Rules (AU)
  • 1:50pm; Rex The Runt (UK)
  • 2:00pm; Good Game Spawn Point (EK)
  • 2:30pm; EVENTS: Glastonbury 2017 (UK) (continued)
  • 4:00pm; Music Video
  • 4:05pm; Love Live! Sunshine!! (JP)
  • 4:30pm; The Next Step (CA)
  • 5:00pm; MyStreet: Starlight
  • 5:25pm; RWBY Chibi (US)
  • 5:30pm; After School Club (KOR)
  • 6:30pm; Stars In Their Eyes El Kadsre (EK)
  • 7:30pm; Just for Laughs El Kadsre (EK)
  • 8:00pm; Strange Universe (NK)
  • 8:30pm; Escape the Night (US)
  • 9:00pm; 13 Reasons Why (US)
  • 10:00pm; Camp Camp (US)
  • 10:15pm; Toby Clarin's Karaoke Championship (VO)
  • 11:15pm; EVENTS: Glastonbury 2017 (UK) (continued)
  • 4:15am; Eating Media Lunch El Kadsre (EK)
  • 4:40am; South Park (US)
  • 5:05am; Day 5 (US)
  • 5:50am; Trollhunters (US)
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