On a black background, we see the words "CULTURE" and "SHOCK". Then on what seems to be a kitchen floor, a guy brings in a bucket of water. Then, the setting briefly flashes, and we see the same guy bringing in a baby cow, and the stabbing it, causing it to gush blood. This results in creating a giant spaltter. The setting briefly flashes again, and then the cow is seen missing around in the blood and dying. The same guy with another the removes the cow's corpse from showing on-screen, and then one of the guys attempt to clean the floor by pouring out the water from the bucket. Then, the setting fades to a white background, with the words "FOOD" and "FOR THOUGHT" appearing. After, 2k logo and "MAHRI" words appears.



Cheesy Factor

This is aboustley gross. I can beileve it happen MTV Asia about torture sheep.


A strange theme.



Scare Factor


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