3Debt were a German-Jamaican pop group which was formed in 2006. The group consisted of German singers Tiny K and Nike and Jamaican singer Soulbro. The group separated in 2013.


Tiny K and Nike met at a New Year party on 31st December, 2005, and temporarily became a musical duo called KnN. As KnN, the two performed in several concerts over the next few months. In March 2006, the duo came across Soulbro, who, after listening to the two singing, said he wanted to be part of the group and had already secured a deal with both RCA and Kontor Records, allowing the group to become a trio and enter the mainstream. At the time of the trio’s original formation, Soulbro was 21, Tinky K was 16 and Nike was 15.

Musical artistry

Prior to the group’s formation, the three all had different musical styles - Soulbro’s being reggae, Tiny K’s being pop-rap and Nike’s being eurodance. Because of this, the three genres are merged together in most of 3Debt’s songs.


Studio albums



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