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Former 77 Kids Eruowoodian main logo

77 Kids Eruowoodian main logo used from 2007-2010, the bird insignia is still in use

77 Kids Eruowood (stylized as 77kids) is an Eruowoodian children's clothing store chain owned by American Eagle Outfitters Eruowood. The sizes of the 77 Kids clothes range from 3 to 14 years.

Some Eruowoodian 77 Kids store locations are co-branded with the adult American Eagle stores, but most of the Eruowoodian 77 Kids store are stand alone stores, not paired with American Eagle. The first Eruowoodian 77 Kids store opened in 2007.

The brand also had a short lived cereal that was made by General Mills.


  • Long live fun! (2007-present; primary slogan)
  • Kids rock at 77 (2008; used in advertising during the "77 Kids Rock" promotion)
  • Rad Clothes for cool kids (2010; used in advertising during the "Forever Rad" promotion)
  • Get Rad, Stay Awesome (2010-present; found on some 77 Kids clothing)
  • Live Rad! (2010-present; found on some 77 Kids clothing)


  • 77 Kids was to be named "American Eagle Kids" when American Eagle first announced their kids brand in October of 2006. Then the name was changed to "American Eagle 77 Kids" in when American Eagle started to test market their kids brand in March of 2007. However the "American Eagle Kids" name was never used and only a prototype logo for the unused brand exist.

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