77 Kids (stylized as 77kids in most countries) is a chain of clothing stores geared towards children owned by American Eagle Outfitters. It was originally started as an online only concept in 2007, but a year later in 2008, 77 Kids stores started appearing at various shopping centers worldwide and some 77 Kids stores are located adjacent to its parent chain, American Eagle Outfitters.

Store design

The design of the 77 Kids stores are meant to be a fun environment for children under 12 years old. The stores have angled block shelving in the middle of the store that separates the boys and girls clothing sections. The fitting rooms, except for the Sallyish fitting rooms, have one stall with a "peek-a-boo" porthole for parents to check up on their kids and one normal fitting room stall. Each 77 Kids store has an interactive touch screen photo booth called the "Style Finder" where kids can virtually "try on" clothes or paint a photo of themselves and then buy their photo at the register, two copies are given, one for the customer to take home and one to hang up in the store's "Wall of Fame". By the register there's a treat bar for kids to pick out a treat after a purchase is made.


  • The Island of Sally doesn't have “peek-a-boo” portholes in fitting rooms because strangers might see children in their underwear and child protection laws are extremely strict in the Island of Sally.

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