This article is about a YinYangian 24-hours TV Channel, for the defunct Russian TV Channel, see, 7TV (Russia)

7TV, also known as Duodianshi Channel Seven, is a YinYangian 24-hour satellite and cable TV Channel owned by The Duodianshi Television Group. The channel was launched in 1995. The channel is originally available in English, but the dramas and slogan is in Chinese. The Chinese feed of the channel is only available in live-stream. 7TV airs cartoons, comedy shows, drama, anime, news programming etc.



Current Programming

Drama (Chinese language only)

  • 开花桃 (Blossom Peach) [1998-present]
  • 几年前的头然拉开共和国 (Years ago about the Toralaqian Republic) [2009-present]
  • 喜剧屋 (Comedy House) [2015-present]
  • 游戏帮派 (Game Gang) [2001-present]
  • 更亲爱的 (Closer Love) [2007-present]
  • 淘气的孩子 (Naughty Children) [1996-present]

Drama (English language only)

  • Jack Taylor (Ireland) [2010-present]

Cartoons (English language only)

  • House of Mouse [2004-present]
  • Dragon Ball Z [2005-present]
  • Team Galaxy [2008-present]
  • Sally Bollywood [2010-present]
  • Trollz [2006-present]


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