For the defunct Russian television channel of the same name, see Seven TV.

7TV is a YinYangian broadcast commercial terrestrial television network owned by Duodianshi Group, established in 1995. Its headquarters and production studios are located at the Duodianshi Complex in Gyauzwu District, also shared by its sister, Aviation Television.

The network is colloquially called "Chay" by YinYangiese-speaking viewers, and sometimes branded itself as the Lucky Network. It is the largest television network in YinYangia by coverage, with 99% of YinYangian households receiving 7TV.


On July 15, 1995, Duodianshi Channel was established, with the launch of its flagship station, YDDS-DT. Their intention is to air their produced content, rather than syndicating them. The network was a commercial success, and later affiliated UR-YUE4 in 1997, also changing its callsign to UR-DSV4.

Due to a massive fire at the Duodianshi Studios in Mou'Xhan in 1999, its 7TV station had to be shut down and viewers had to rely on their Changda station. It was relaunched in 2000.

In 2004, Duodianshi Channel was renamed to 7TV, after the channel number of its flagship station, and started airing international shows.

On May 10, 2006, to boost viewership, its flagship station started to broadcast internationally via satellite and internet, making it the first YinYangian television network to do so. It also launched the on-demand service, 7TV on Demand, but was later shut down in 2015 after Netflix was proven more successful. The network enterted satellite television with the launch of 7Extra on August 10, 2008, which is the flagship channel of the 7TV Satellite Family brand.

On January 14, 2009, the founder of the network, Lee Zausien, passed away of stroke at age 87. Its logo temporarily became monochrome to mourn his death. His half-brother, Ra Hwe Zausien, took over as the chairman of 7TV a month later.

On April 1, 2011, 7TV announced that they will be renamed back to Duodianshi Channel the next day, which turned out to be an April fool's joke. 7TV is also known for its jokes.


7TV has four owned-and-operated stations, with around 120+ operated stations around YinYangia. Most cable and satellite television providers provide the Malodin station. Callsign in italics refer to a minor station.

City of license/market Station Channel


Year of affiliation Owned since

Owner (in case)

Malodin YDDS-DT 7 1995 1995
Uryangken YUET-DT 4 (18) 1997 Yue Global
Tawzihila YDTZ-DT 11 (25) 1998 1998
Hanzhuan YSAN-DT 3 (22) 1998 1998
Presiaa YPAA-DT 17 (29) 1999 1999
Mou'Xhan YMVJ-DT 2 (12) 1999 Yue Global
Gomyit YCAK-DT 5 (14) 1999 Gunazaw Media
Maab YPIT-DT 6 (30) 2001 2001
Changda YHMD-DT 12 (23) 2001 Gold Quality Holdings
Kaotao YWAK-DT 8 (20) 2005 Banagait Telecommunications


Current Programming


  • 开花桃 (Blossom Peach) [1998-present]
  • 喜剧屋 (Comedy House) [2015-present]
  • 更亲爱的 (Closer Love) [2007-present]


  • Fresh off the Boat (2016-present)
  • Sally Bollywood [2010-present]
  • Trollz [2006-present]


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