The 9 certificate is a rating certificate issued by the Leisure Rating Association (LRA) in Kuboia. The rating is used to specify that a film or video recording is only suitable for those aged 9 years or older.

In the cinema, the rating is replaced with the Restricted 9 rating (often shortened to R9). Children under 9 years old may see films with this certificate if they are accompanied by a person aged 13 or over. However, the LRA does not recommend those under 9 years old see films with the rating.


Sex and Nudity

Films rated 9 may contain nudity with no sexual context. Any sexual references and innuendos should be mild.


There may contain mild violence. Moderate violence may be allowed if it is discouraged or done in a manner that children are unlikely to copy.


Some minor petty swearing is allowed. There may also be limited uses of slightly worse words (e.g. s**t).

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol may be present, but must not be promoted as being safe or fun. Illegal drugs may be referenced, but should be discouraged.

Examples of content rated 9

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