ATS Gold (stylized as ATS GOLD) is an Alexonian speciality channel owned by ATS Networks.


In 1992 ATS, El TV Kadsre, BBC and Thames Television formed the AN Gold Consortium, and later they lanched ATS Gold the same year. By 1997 they added more classic programing to aproach the ATS Channels' branding, mainly ATS, El TV Kadsre and BBC.

In 2002, American series were added to the channel to add on to its lineup and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the AN Gold Consortium. As part of the 10th anniversary, ATS Gold also decided to focus on classic comedy.

In 2008, UKTV decided to rebrand ATS Gold, with the branding being a mix of the 2003 UK Gold logo and the 2008 branding, with the branding later adapated to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the AS Gold Consortium, which by then had been disbanded, with only ATS Networks and BBC still owning ATS Gold. In 2010, ATS Gold was reformatted to a digital specialty channel as part of the Alexonian digital switchover.

Current Programming

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