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ATS Networks (also known as Alexonian Telecasting System) is an Alexonian state state-run television and radio broadcaster. ATS Was formed in 1979 with the merger of Radio Alexonia and ATS.


ATS was formed in 1937 as Royal Broadcasting Corporation (ARBC) (Japanese: ロイヤル放送協会), later renamed as Radio Alexonia (Japanese: ラジオアレクソニア). Its TV division was launched in 1951 as Royal Broadcasting Television (RBTV). By 1957 the two companies merged into Royal Broadcasting Radio and Television (Japanese: ロイヤル放送ラジオ・テレビ)

In 1968 ATS Two started broadcasting in color, two months after AHT.

In 1979 Radio Alexonia and Alexonian Television formed ATS.




  • ATS Radio 1-first station of ATS (News, entertainment).
  • ATS Radio 2-sport radio.
  • ATS Radio 3-music radio.
  • ATS Radio Classic-retro themed, with music, movies and shows.
  • ATS Radio Asia-Asian music radio


  • NBCUniversal International Networks Alexonia (50%)
  • ViacomCBS Media Networks Alexonia (25%)
  • Alexonia Digital Networks


  • ATS iPlay-streaming service.
  • ATS Cinema-film company.
  • ATS Studios-production and distribution
  • ATS Worldwide Studios-digital content
  • ATS Consumer Products-Licensing