ATS One, also known as ATS 1 or simply TV ONE is the flagship channel of ATS. Launched in 1951 as the first TV network in Alexonia, in 1969 started broadcasting in color, and in 1970 decided to broadcast in full color.


Royal Broadcasting Television

From RBTV to ATS

In 1957 Royal Broadcasting TV was by Arthur Hamashi as ATS; at the beginning, ATS started broadcasting 6 hours a day (12:00-6:00). In 1969 started broadcasting in color, and expanded their time to 14 hours a day, and also they created the ATS National News (now ATS NEWS 6), their first color drama was "Laces of Hope" that lasted until 1975. In 1972 ATS Second program (now ATS 2) was launched.

ATS 2 launch and expansion

In 1979 ATS TV was renamed ATS 1, and the in-house design team decided to create a corporate branding, the result was simple, but marked the channel's history, in 1980 they decided broadcast 18 hours a day. In 1989 ATS created its night-time block called ATS NightShift.


In 1989 ATS 1 started broadcasting 24 hours a day.

ATS 1 goes ONE

In 1997 Robert Kyomura took over ATS, and decided that ATS One get its new face, and also ATS 1 renamed ATS One, while ATS 2 Became ATS Two.

24/7 Broadcasting

In 2004 ATS One became a 24-hour channel after the Night TV block closed for good.

Present day

ATS One started airing cartoons, series, anime, sports, etc. Currently ATS One has 4 news programs.



News Programming

  • ATS Morning News
  • ATS News 12
  • ATS News 6
  • ATS Weekend News
  • 8.00 (El Kadsre) (2012-present)


  • Doctor Who (UK) [1963-present]
  • Y2K (El Kadsre) [2016-present]
  • Technic Heroes (El Kadsre) [1976-present]
  • Marvel's Daredevil (US) [2016-present]
  • Arrow (US) [2013-present]
  • Destiny Blades [2014-present]
  • Coronation Street (UK) [1965-present]


  • Saturday Laugh Time [1992-present] (Currently on Streaming)
  • Just for Gags (US, UK) [2010-present]


  • Yo-Kai Watch [2015-present]
  • Sword Art Online [2013-present]
  • Hunter x Hunter [2013-present]
  • Love Live Sunshine [2016-present]
  • Kamiwaza Wanda (Alexonian-English Dub) [2016-present
  • Star Twinkle PreCure [2018-present]
  • Food Wars [2019-present]

Cartoons (branded as ATS Kids and ATS Jr.)

  • Adventure Time [2011-present]
  • Regular Show [2011-present]
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender [2016-present]
  • Gravity Falls [2013-present]
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil [2015-present]
  • The Loud House [2016-present]
  • The Octo Guard [2017-present]
  • The Octo Guard: Eclipse [2019-present]
  • The ZhuZhus [2017-present]
  • Trollhunters [2017-present]


  • Royal Variety Performance (1960-present)

Former programming


  • Emu's World (United Kingdom) [1981-1984]
  • Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (Australia) [1969-1970, 1994-1997]
  • Fraggle Rock (United States) [1983-1987]
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