Aquarian Television, also known as ATV, is an Aquarian free-to-air commercial TV channel owned and operated by ATV Networks. It first launched in September of 1975, and it is currently the most popular TV channel in the country.

It's programming mainly consists of live-action programming, while its sister channel, ATV2, focuses more on animated programming.


On September 7, 1975, at 12:00 PM, ATV launched, with the first program being M*A*S*H. Only 4 days later, the channel debuted it's first original series, Escape!. On December 31, 1975, the talk show ATV NewsView premiered, and would go on to run up until 2013.

In 1986, ATV2 was launched, and all animated programming from ATV moved there. However, reruns would still be aired on ATV a few days after the episodes would premiere on ATV2.


Chris Paine

In 2001, ATV announced they were firing one of the hosts of ATV NewsView, Chris Paine. This was due to controversy surrounding an episode that aired 4 months prior about the legalization of gay marriage in the country. During the episode, Chris went on to make several inappropriate jokes about gay people. Although he apologized for the event, ATV refused to hire him again. Six years later, in 2007, he became a newscaster on ABN News.

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