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A Day in the Life of Lucas is the second Luke City game, it was the first Luke City game to be released on consoles, and PC too!


You can write down what you did in the game or real life. It doesn't matter, but you have to write down the truth. Because ... OK you can lie, but not in front of your parents! Anyway, you can write down your stuff you did! It's a nice little thingy ma bob!

Out and About

There's also an out and about mode! Meet your buds, meet ladies, play games, do almost everything! It is a good thing for you. Three greats I rate for my fate, whoops, rhymitis! I hate it, I gotta go just a sec...

I'm back!

Anyway, about the Out and About mode, there is a radar if you are in love or not, and a map. It is also 2D and 3D at the same time! Check out your house, it's full of new stuffs nowadays and most pacificly it has minigames
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The game was criticllay panned.
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