A Guide to Surviving the End of the World is an American-Randomian comedy-action apocalypse film released on 25 November 2017. It received mostly positive reviews from critics and was a box office success.


A evil dictator named Omega is trying to take over the world by destroying every city, rebuilding it as his own and becoming the ruler of the world, so 5 friends have to save the world before time runs out with help from an ancient spirit.


The film begins with a guy named Caleb picks up his friends, Greg, Fred, Kyron and Christian, so they can have a epic party, where all madness insures. It's all set up, and they, along with random people all have the party, which all comes to a near-conclusion when a news report suddenly comes on about some kind of spaceship shaped like a Omega figure and a strange figure coming towards their planet, but they all ignore it since they are having so much fun and continue partying.

The next morning, Caleb and his friends are pretty tired and hungover, and proceed to go outside to drop them off, but then notice the ship and the figure, realizing it was true, and they all start to panic, with Christian saying that he does not want to die. but then Caleb comes up with a plan, but then realizes that he has not really come up with it, but he has a Teleporter and the 4 friends teleport away.

Caleb goes down to his secret lab and calculated what percent of winning he and his friends have, which stated 98.9% chance of winning, so he brings his friends back and states his plan.

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