Prince Bih's Company is an entertainment, TV, and internet company.

TV Channels

Prince Viasat Televison

  • X55 - showing sport, sitcoms and action movies
  • Prince Bih's Television - showing YouTube videos, news, history and gaming videos.
  • PrinceBihKids - For 0-9 years old and showing kids shows and babies show.
  • PBNews - showing news and unterviews
  • Discovery Network - showing cartoon shows, sitcoms, adults' shows and kids' shows.

SVT1 - Timesharing with PrinceBihKids (8:00pm)

Viasat Too - showing cute shows

Viasat Crime 2 - showing action movies and timesharing with Viasat Too (VC2 starts 12:00am)

Google Televison

Laugh Box TV - showing cartoon shows and comedy shows and more.

Scary Channel - showing horror movies

Manly TV - showing shows and movies for males and timesharing with Girly TV (GTV starts 6:00am)

Girly TV - showing shows and movies for males and timesharing with Manly TV (MTV starts 8:00pm)

Little Koopas TV - showing kids shows


Name Closedown Subs Reasons why?
PrinceBihQuiter12 Stay 96
Nods Reggo Maybe stay 1 due to bloopers
Biostaden Ulbihen Closed 1 due to Biostaden 2002 Limmared
Google Televison Maybe stay 1 Maybe in the future Stay 4
Spongebob Mom UTTP Sucks VCPG Rocks 2007 Banned 15 due to bashing same users opinion.
PrinceBihQuiter12 for Adults Stay 1
The Jumping Re-upload Stay 0 Because this is an re-uploaded channels.
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