Aaliyah Caelan (born February 10, 1975) is an Irish actress, singer, director, and former drummer for No Pressure.

Early life


Career Beginnings (1988)

Aaliyah Caelan began her career when she and 4 other girls appeared on world-broadcast TV show, Young & Talented in 1988. This would land them a record deal at Sony Music, then known as CBS Music and Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and Sony BMG. They would be known as The Starbrites.

The Starbrites (1988-2017)

First era (1988-1998)

be signed up to the label, they would start recording their first self-titled debut album in July 1988, recording would be finished by January 1989. The album would be released 3 months later on April 15, 1989, containing the 5 hit singles, I Wanna Dance With You, Lucky Girls, Our Dream, Two Worlds, One Fantasy, and Won't You Take Us.

Second era (2002-2017)


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Studio albums

  • Aaliyah Caelan (1991)
  • Genius of Music (1993)
  • Acute (1996)
  • What'cha Need To Know (2001)
  • 2005 (2005)
  • Clean No More (2008)
  • How We All Should Feel (2011)
  • Chapter 8 (2015)
  • Should We Deserve To...? (2017)
  • Saorise (2020)

Collaborative albums

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