Abdur Razzaq Chahuán (born July 11, 1946) is a Barokian Politican and was the 13th president of Barokia. He is currently the commander-in-cheif of the Barokian Air Force.


Abdur was born in the Faroe Islands to Barokian parents who worked on a fishing trawler. Born a Barokian national, he remains a citizen of Barokia to this day.

He went to Moscow in the Soviet Union in 1957 to study law. He returned to Barokia in 1959 and became the prime minister of Barokia. In 2008, he was elected the President of Barokia, after taking over Xamdud Majjad, until 2012, after Mushid Alaqa Muhammad Rahim was elected.

Personal life

In 1965, he married Lucy Chahuán in a wedding ceremony held in the Basilica of St. Lawrence in Fusid City. Like many men do in Barokia, he changed his surname to match his wife's surname. Prior to that, they dated and had a son named Benjamin Chahuán, born in 1961.

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