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Louis Pierre D'Aboville, better known as Academy, (born July 18, 1972) is a French-El Kadsreian breakbeat artist, voice actor and professional wrestler. For ETVKK fans, he is known for his nu skool breaks song My Heart Will Not Go On, while for mainstream fans, he's known for his broken beat song Mermaid Twins. He competes in Entertainment Championship Wrestling as "Alos".


Born in 1972, Louis is Ndyuka and was adopted by a couple from Nice at age 2 following his parents' death in a house robbery.

The family moved to Romrac in 1984. Louis retains French citizenship as well as El Kadsreian citizenship.

He wrote his first songs in the early 1990s under his real name, mostly short breakbeat tracks, some not even a minute long.

He boosted in popularity in the years 1996-2002, when he began to use his current stage name Academy.

Around the same time, he began his voice acting career.

He made his ECW debut in 1997.

He appeared in a 2008 Simpsons episode.