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Action Nollywood Pictures (ANP) is a Nigerian film studio that was founded in 1989 by filmmaker Musa Amaechi. It is one of the few exploitative action, crime, horror and sci-fi film studios to have a somewhat higher standard of production, but still done on a constrained budget. It is known for its leadership in developing special effects, sound, and computer animation for films.

The first film produced by the studio was the coming-of-age drama Asopo, in Yoruba language. Unlike some Nigerian films that were shot on video, the film was shot in Super 8 and was given a theatrical release on January 29, 1991 and then a video release on February 1, 1992.

As of 2011, ANP is notoriously known for its projects/films based on video games and some video game sprite animations uploaded on YouTube. Its Ghanaian and Tanzanian counterparts are Owusu Pictures and Rising Sun Entertainment.

ANP's 24-minute short film made in 2014, Kirby vs. Everybody: The Nollywood Short Movie, attracted international attention and was given international releases. It has also spawned a dozens of memes and reviews.


  • Asopo (1991)
  • Abuja Mission (2004)
  • Abuja Mission 2: Cruise Control (2007)
  • Abuja Mission 3: Ikechukwu Takes Shibuya (2010)
  • Kirby vs. Everybody: The Nollywood Short Movie (2014)
  • Abuja Mission 4: Deadly Attack in Carwardine Colony (2016)
  • Abuja Mission 5: Unforeseen Consequences in Six Flags (2018)