Dry rides


  • Ferris Wheel (est. 1986)
  • T-Rex (est. 2003) [Intamin mega roller coaster, clone of Superman: Ride of Steel at SFA and SFDL]

Kiddie rides


  • Crazy Bus (est. 1995) [Zamperla Crazy Bug kiddie flat ride]
  • Kite Flight (est. 2007) [Zamperla Kite Flyer kiddie flat ride]
  • Lighting Bug (est. 1986) [Zierer Small Tivoli kiddie coaster]
  • Tree Top Twist (est. 2007) [Zamperla Samba Tower kiddie flat ride]

Water slides


  • Mammoth (est. 2000)
  • Kiddie Slides (est. 1986) [repainted in 1997 and 2005]
  • Vortex (est. 1986)
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