Active is an Engarian infotainment show that currently airs on TWO TV. It is the first infotainment show in the country. It began airing since October 27th, 1997 (the same date when RTL-TVI officially launched). The show is currently presented by Charlotte Rose and Jacob Rogers (an Engarian YouTuber). The show usually reports on the curiosities and news of the day. The show also has its own spin-off known as (Active Extra) which airs every Saturday.


In mid-September of 1997, Channel TWO announced that they will launch active, an infotainment show.

The first edition aired on October 27th, at 18:30 pm. Owen Miller was the first presenter to be seen on the show.

In 1998, Dale Clark (better known as Mr. sassy) joined the show as a reporter. Many viewers praised him for his humorous reports.

In 2001, the show received a new look for the first time, featuring a new virtual studio.

In the same year, Bruce Patel (who has presented the show since the start) left the show to become the controller of channel two.

In 2006, Charlotte Rose and Chris Cooper joins the show, with Charlotte Rose serving as the main presenter, with Chris serving as the deputy presenter.

On August 29th, 2011, active began broadcasting in HD. Because of this, the show received a new look for the show, featuring a new virtual studio, as well as launching a new segment on the show known as "celebrity news".

In November 2013, active moved out of the evening schedule after 16 years. Since then, it has moved to the daytime schedule.

In February 2016, Chris Cooper announced that he is leaving the show after 10 years, with Louis Reynolds named as the successor.

1 year later, in February 2017, active has yet again unveiled a new look for the show, featuring a modern studio.

In April 2018, Louis steps down as the deputy presenter of the show after 2 years. Jacob Rogers replaced him.

In January 2020, active introduced a new segment, known as simply throwback, which features old clips from the show, from 1997 to the present date.



  • Charlotte Rose (2006-present, main presenter)
  • Jacob Rogers (2018-present, deputy presenter)


  • Owen Miller (1997-2006)
  • Linda Griffiths (1997-2006)
  • Ashley Wright (1997-2007, now on TWO News)
  • Bruce Patel (1997-2001)
  • Chris Cooper (2006-2016, now on RTL-TVI Newshour)
  • Louis Reynolds (2016-2018)
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