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Adrian Eichel (b. 8th November 1973) is a German singer/songwriter, best known for being a member of the Jetanie boy band Starbright.

Early life

Adrian Eichel was born on 8th November, 1973 in Hamburg. His father was a Afro-Turkish telecommunications engineer employed by Norddeutscher Rundfunk, and his mother was Jewish. As a child, he was a fan of INXS, The Given Takers, and Devo. His older brother, Vincenz, was employed as a bodyguard by heavy metal group Metallica in the early-2000s.



In 1993, Adrian, then aged 19, moved with his mother to Jetania after she got a job at the German embassy in Koolia. He was a backing dancer for the Jetanie entry, Kelly Coolen, at Eurovision Song Contest 1994.


In mid-1995, Adrian was told by his mother of an audition for "an all-male vocal group". Being fluent in English, he auditioned for the group, Starbright, but was initially dismissed in favour of Stevie Bason. However, group creator Morris Sands told manager Lance Huws that he was impressed by Eichel's audition, and quickly ordered Huws to add Eichel to the lineup of Joe Prawda, Alexis Kerr, Flynn Meldon, Bason and Alex Ivan. After the lineup was finalised, the group began recording material for an EP and also began touring.