Adun Sürengin Úlkansond Hijokuni ( born April 26, 1999 ) is actor that he played more than 15 roles. He lives in south parts of Wolfstan City, along with Úlkansond, Askan ( Úlkansond's boyfriend ) and Majduh ( Adun's boyfriend ).


Adun was born as the son of Úlkansond Veanderokh Olafsonder Mylkanderan and Askan Hijokuni. He's descent is Wolfstanic-Icelandic-Faroese-Tigerian-Japanese. 

Popular roles

  • 2016: Fomak Deyan in ,, Alixander Mazui's Fomak Deyan
  • 2018: Segyaghen in ,, Lost in the Waterland
  • 2019: Athuner in ,, Athuner

    Adun in 2019

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