Advanced Audio Systems is a Barokian dubbing studio based in Fusid City, Barokia. It is currently owned by a joint-venture between El TV Kadsre Television Network and the Al-Dashar family.

They have offices in Koolia, Jetania and a satellite studio, AAS Celdonia, in Solvaliu City, Celdonia, which have proven handy in case voice actors/actresses immigrate.


Advanced Audio Systems was founded in 1973 as Audiotech S.A. in Bahezki. The company moved to Fusid City in 1981 and was renamed to Advanced Audio Systems after acquiring modern, digital dubbing equipment in 1986.


  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (حَقيقي هيولا/Hagigi Hayula)
  • Doctor Who (طبیب کێ/Tabib Ke)
  • Commercials for Shop-Rite
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