The Advertising Foundation (AVF) is a television ad broadcaster in El Kadsre owned by Media El Kadsre that broadcasts television ads on public television channels such as TTV, EEKTV, STV, ITV, Star TV SFTV, EKCN, C12, Channel 21, CTV, CBS, TVS, WN, PAX, and TeleWest with the income from these part of the costs of commercial breaks are paid for. It's equivalent for El TV Kadsre, Banushen, CTS and KadsreTV is El TV Kadsre Advertising while advertising for RGN and RTV are done by BSW Advertising Services and advertising sales for Viva Television, Channel Two, CPN One and CPN Two are done by The Advertising Cooperative. TV 6's advertising is sold in-house.

AVF may not use more than 10% of the airtime per year on advertisement and daily more than 15% and also air ads within programs. For programming with 4 minutes commercial breaks, like Rugby World Cup events, they consider the pregame, each half of the game, halftime, and the postgame as separate programs in their programming guide and air ads between them. AVF is responsible for the contents of the ads which have to be strictly separate from the programs on the public networks and not influence the programming. Complaints about ads can be made at the Advertising Code Committee (comparable to the Advertising Standards Authority in the New Zealand). AVF contributes about 200 million dollars to the total budget of 900 million dollars of TTV.

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