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Air El Kadsre is the flag carrier airline of El Kadsre. It was founded on January 9, 1954.


Air El Kadsre was founded in 1954 by British businessmen Brian Rochdale and Emyr Blevins via request from the El Kadsreian government. Brian and Emyr bought 2 Douglas DC-3's and started the airline. In 1960, Air El Kadsre was sold to the West El Kadsreian government, and later fell under the Vlokozu Union government and rebranded as Air Vlokozu. After the Dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, Air Vlokozu was renamed back to Air El Kadsre and privatized.

It was one of the five founding members of Oneworld, and owns the largest non-cargo/medical fleets of McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft.

Air El Kadsre celebrated it's 50th anniversary on January 9, 2004 with 50 lucky guests able to ride a Douglas DC-3.




  • 9 Concorde's (1976-2003; Air El Kadsre has a return-to-service plan in progress)
  • 1 Tupolev Tu-144 (1978-2003; was given by the Soviet Union government to the Vlokozu Union as compensation for the 1978 Sakhalin bumping incident; Air El Kadsre has stated there is a possibility of it being included in their Concorde return-to-service plan)
  • 19 Boeing 737 MAX's (2018-2019; all grounded until further notice due to safety issues, might be scrapped or traded in to Boeing in the near-future)

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