Air Vlokozu flight 1822 was a UFO incident that occurred on August 15, 1983 involving the Air Vlokozu Boeing 747SR. The aircraft was en route from Stockholm's Stockholm Arlanda Airport to El Kadsre City's El Kadsre City International Airport with 232 passengers onboard. While the plane flies through Maine after stopping over in Quebec City at Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport due to a passenger's medical emergency, the passengers and the crew first witnessed six unidentified objects to their left. These abruptly rose from below and closed in to escort their aircraft. Each had circular arrays of what appears to be glowing thrusters. These six objects were later departed before the two, larger octagonal disk-shaped objects started trailing them. The incident lasted 63 minuted and ended when the plane flies through New York.


The six UFO's were later identified as a group of Maine State Police helicopters who were gathering around to assist in a car chase involving a man trying to bring illegal immigrants from Equatorial Guinea to Canada to avoid deportation, however to foggy conditions, the State Police helicopter pilots were unaware that they were seemingly escorting Flight 1822. The two octagonal disk-shaped objects were confirmed later to be the result of poor visibility making two weather balloons resemble UFO's as well, with the weather conditions being the reason why they trailed 1822.

VO14555, the 747SR involved, was later renumbered EK14555 upon transferal to Air El Kadsre. It was retired in 2008 due to mechanical issues and now serves as part of a Dave & Buster's in Laverne Town, Seahaus.

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