Ak'yoshel (pronounced: [akʲjoʂɛɫ], Cyrillic: Акьёшэл) is the historical centre and the capital city of Crootchistan. The city has always been the capital of the country since the Crootchistani Kingdom was founded. Ak'yoshel is also the biggest city in the country with population in approximately 400,000 Crootchers.

The name

The name comes from the Crootch word ak, meaning "a house", but in the past, when the city was founded, the word was more frequently used with the meaning of "home".


The most visited things by tourists, when the country was not closed during the Soviet Era, were the ancient heathenish temples which were built before the Crootchistani Kingdom was founded and which are dedicated to the ancient spirits and gods.

Most of the ancient royal palaces have been also saved in a perfect condition till the modern times, but the temples are the most interesting for the tourists and for the Crootchers who think that their temples are the most beautiful in the world and often go to the capital for that to see them.

Famous people

Many famous Crootchers were born in the city:

  • Eridomell "Nevudzo Tukhle" (literally: "I see the way" – named so because this phrase was his main motto) – one of not many Crootchistani travellers
  • Nuorime Kisitara – the most famous Crootchistani ballet dancer
  • Eguesi Murudzoki – a famous linguist, the author of the biggest Crootch language vocabulary
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