'Akari and Haruki's Child' (Japanese: アカリとハルキの子; Hepburn: 'Akari to Haruki no Ko') is the second installment in the Rainbow Mirror series by Hinata Kazunori. Set seven years after the events of Akari Kagamine and the Rainbow Mirror, the story follows Akari Kagamine who has a girl named Suika Nijimoto, whom she and her husband Haruki raise on their own.

Like its predecessor, the book was still a success, despite receiving generally positive reviews and has received a 72-episode anime adaptation by El TV Kadsre Animation.


The story begins seven years after the events of Akari Kagamine and the Rainbow Mirror. 22-year-old Akari Kagamine and 24-year-old Haruki Nijimoto are now a ruling monarch of the Rainbow Kingdom. As the newly wedded couple are enjoying their time together one night, one of Akari's former friends from high school, who is now working as a witch, declares a prophecy that Akari will die if she does not have a child within a year.

With both Akari and Haruki shocked, they discuss their plans about having a child. Once Akari becomes pregnant, she describes each day of her experience with "each day my belly kept inflating larger and larger." After nine months of this tiresome work, Akari finally gives birth to a baby girl. Upon Haruki learning that their child was a girl, they have difficulty trying to choose who to name her. After several suggestions by one of Akari's friends, they name her Princess Suika.

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