Akira's Midway Madness, known in Japan as 'Ryou Gakuen Cherry Blossom Festival' (Japanese: 陵桜学園桜桃際; Hepburn: 'Ryōō Gakuen Ōtōsai'), is an amusement park-themed board in the HotShots Party series of video games. It has appeared in only one game so far, with it appearing in the third game. Minoru Shiraishi is the host of the board, and he is in charge of the game's shops, with Akira being in charge of the lottery shop and the minigames on the board.


HotShots Party 3

"Akira: Hiya, luckies! Welcome to Akira's Midway Madness! I am Akira Kogami, and I'll be your navigator, while Minoru will be your guide on this board.
Minoru: We love amusement parks, so they designed the school to look just like one for the cherry blossom festival! Please enjoy the fun rides, and leave your worries behind!"
- Board introduction

This board only appears in HotShots Party 3, and it is the first board the player plays in Story Mode. Players are allowed to cross the roller coaster's tracks, but stepping on an Event Space will trigger it and chase any players caught down the left or right sides of the board. Players can also ride it for five coins and pick up some coins and chase down anyone who is caught. The teacup rides are another way of getting around the board, and players go the direction the arrow is pointing. Players can change the arrow's direction by landing on the event space

Behind the scenes

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