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Akira Hisashi (born September 20, 1967) is an El Kadsreian film screenwriter and comic book artist best known for creating the comic book series The Roboroach, which has been adapted into a feature film as well as an anime series. She also went on to create other characters such as Vizor, Starstreak, and Virtuana.

Hisashi later made her feature film debut as a concept artist for the Technic Heroes films Hero Factory IV: Breakout and Hero Factory V: Brain Attack. Today she is best known for writing The Roboroach film adaptation, alongside her eventual husband Max Axis. Other notable works of Hisashi include Blitzivan: Born to be Reloaded, where Hisashi co-wrote the script; Metal Frontier, the first film where she is the lead writer; and The Roboroach: Bio-Enhanced Armor, an anime series she developed alongside Alex Kruger and Axis.

Early life