The Akuron High School massacre was a mass shooting and bombing at Akuron High School in Capulco, East El Kadsreian State, El Kadsre on February 10, 2011. The massacre was carried out by two students of the school, Diego Marquesa and Daichi Okasen. A total of 23 people died, including Marquesa and Okasen, and 31 more were injured.


The shooting is said to have occurred around 10:06 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST), the time the first gunshot was heard. The school was put into lockdown, and classes' doors were locked. Bullets soon shot through some classroom walls and doors, and Marquesa and Okasen were heard yelling "CUT THE CRAP!" as the bullets were flying through doors and walls.

Students began to be escorted safely out of the school, and gunshots could be heard from the front office of the building. Staff members were shot dead when the principal came to the office.

Marquesa and Okasen's suicides

The last gunshot was heard around 11:00, followed by Marquesa and Okasen yelling "ONE... TWO... THREE!" before a bomb was heard, destroying the library and leaving the two unconscious and bloody. The two were confirmed dead by the Capulco Police Department.


It was revealed by an autopsy report that Diego Marquesa and Daichi Okasen had both suicide bombed themselves.

An Akuron High School memorial was set up not to far from the school.

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