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Alabama's Backyard is an amusement & water park located in Trussville, Alabama with a Birmingham mailing address.


  • Civil Canyon (formerly Confederate Canyon until 2011)
  • Alvin and The Chipmunks Land
  • Billy Bob's Fun Land (main kiddie land)
  • Redwall Abbey (formerly "PBS Kids Neighborhood" from 2003-2007)
  • Land of Minecraft
  • World of ROBLOX

Former areas

  • Kids Kornball (split into three [later five] different kiddie lands)

Current rides

Roller coasters

  • Burns' Nuclear Fallout (1998; A Morgan Hyper Coaster that's painted red & blue, formerly known as "Confederate Rebel" until 2011 due to possibly offending people, so it was originally renamed "Alabama Rebel", yet the "Rebel" part of the name, the color scheme, and the stars on times when the out and back layout switch heights representing the battle flag are still there, until 2022 when it will get a Simpsons makeover) [Civil Canyon]
  • Corkscrew (1995; An Arrow Dynamics Loop + Corkscrew roller coaster) [Civil Canyon]
  • Electro-Thunderbolt (1998; A SkyTrak Flying Coaster) [Billy Bob's Fun Land]
  • Giga Gush (2016; A B&M Giga Coaster) [World of ROBLOX]
  • Minecraft Express (1998; A Zamperla family mine train coaster, formerly known as "Kornball Mine Train") [Land of Minecraft]
  • Redwall: The Mines of Marshank (1995; a B&M sit down coaster with 3 inversions and two tunnel areas, formerly known as Kornball Highway from 1995-2003) [Redwall Abbey]
  • Roller Skater (1995; A Vekoma Roller Skater 207m) [Alvin and The Chipmunks Land]
  • Sagwa's Rickshaw Run (2003; a BHS/Schwarzkopf Family Looping Coaster with 4 inversions; often dubbed the "cousin" of the Omaha Luna Park version of Sagwa's Rickshaw Run due to both coasters being Schwarzkopf looping coasters that formerly operated on the German fair circuit; had originally run from 1988-1996 as Destroyer on the German fair circuit and from 1997-2001 as Chupacabra at Libertyland in Tennessee, was originally part of PBS Kids Neighborhood but was annexed into Civil Canyon in 2007) [Civil Canyon]
  • Thunderbolt (1995; A CCI wooden coaster that goes Into a large slanted helix, main inspiration for Son of Beast, the first airtime hill + turn inspired El Toro as well, it is often considered the grandfather of 21st century wooden roller coasters) [Civil Canyon]
  • Woosh! (2003; a Intamin Prefabricated Wooden Coaster, third-longest roller coaster in the world with part of the track being a highway overpass and another part going under the same highway, formerly known as Zoom! into Action (based off the PBS Kids series) from 2003-2007) [Redwall Abbey]

Flat rides

  • Carwardine Carousel (2021; a Huss-TechEruo Classic Carousel, replaced the old carousel)
  • The Carwardine River Rapids (2002; A WhiteWater West River Rapids ride)
  • Dropsanity (2021; S&S Spin Shot)
  • Ender Pearl (2014; A Larson Super Loop)
  • Enterprise (1995; A Huss Enterprise Wheel ride)
  • Marauder (1995; A Huss-TechEruo Pirate Ship ride)
  • Storm Rider 4D (2011; A 4D motion simulator ride)

Kiddie rides

  • Alvin's Adventure (2000; A Sally Corporation dark ride themed to Alvin and the Chipmunks)
  • Critter Chase (1995; A Zamperla Mini Jet ride with animals)
  • Frog Hopper (1995; A Huss-TechEruo Junior Jump ride with a frog theme)
  • Lolli Swing (1995; A Zamperla Lolli Swing ride)
  • ROBLOX Go Round (1995; A Zamperla mini carousel, formerly Mini-Carousel)
  • Samba Twist (1995; A Zamperla Samba Balloons ride)
  • Tiny Tubs (1995; An Intamin kiddie river rapids ride)

Restaurants and food stands

  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Cinnabon
  • Pizza Hut Express
  • Subway

Splash of the South (water park)

  • Birmingham Bronco (1995; ProSlide Pipeline)
  • Cleveland Cannon (2002; ProSlide CannonBowl)
  • Fort Payne Flyer (2004; WhiteWater Master Blaster)
  • Huntsville Hurricane (2000; ProSlide ProBowl)
  • Mobile Malice (1995; ProSlide Freefall)
  • Montgomery Burner (1995; ProSlide MultiBump)

Former Rides


  • Stander Upper (1996-2011; a TOGO Standup Coaster, demolished in 2012 due to age and lack of spare parts, replaced with Giga Gush)

Flat rides

  • Carousel (1995-2020; formerly Confederate Carousel until 2010, relocated from Confederate Memorial Park where it operated from 1933-1994, since 2008, it now has 4 warnings about the artwork containing Confederate flags and how it doesn't represent the brand's modern views, relocated to a Civil War museum)



In 2003, an employee who was intoxicated from the alcohol located in the employee lounge dressed up like Mario was caught stripping out of the costume and running around naked screaming "Look at me, i'm a birdie!", afterwards, the employee was banned and alcoholic drinks in all places in the park were perminately banned.

Confederate display controversies thru the years

In 2017, shortly after the Unite the Right rally, protesters came to the park to protest the inclusion of the Confederate flag on several of the carousel artworks, some attempted to vandalize the nearly century old art, but were tasered by park security and their fingerprint was no longer valid for entering the park. Out of fear, any person wearing any politically charged-attire, whether it be left or right-leaning, are refused admission until they go back home and change their shirt. Chris Carwardine permanently banned the words "KKK", "Confederate" and the combined word "Hate Speech" from c/Alabamas_Backyard on Carwardine Forums.