From 1992 to 1994 the Aladdin Game Deck was sold in Eruowood by Codemasters. It was marketed as "budget" home video game console with compact cartridges and 8-bit graphics.

The system also had a Game Genie built in to the console to "enhance" games.


The Aladdin Game Deck only had two add-on adapters that were sold separately, the "Famines" which can play NES and Famicom games and the "Giant Boy" which can play original Game Boy games in black and white on a TV.


The Aladdin Game Deck was considered one the most epic video game failures in Eruowood according to EWGames magazine. Its lackluster game library and faulty hardware played a part in the console's demise. As a result of Aladdin's failure many stores were left with a bunch of unsold games and accessories for the Aladdin Game Deck that ended up in the bargain bins and some new old stock of Aladdin games and accessories are still being sold online and in stores like Dollar Tree as of 2019.

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