Alexonian Broadcasting Authority, also known by its acronym AXBA (Maori: Mana Whanonga Paho) is the goverment-approved regulatory and competition authority of Alexonia formed in 2003 as a succesor of the Alexonian Telecasting Comission (formed in 1989)


In 1989 the Alexonian Telecasting Comision was formed to regulate both free and cable television channels, and served also as a competition authority. In october 2001 MTV showed a series of racists messages during a YeahYeah! music video program. That caused MTV closed transmissions during three hours, during that time they showed an apology message. In late 2002 the goverment dissolved the ANTC and formed its successor AXBA.

In 2003 the AXBA was formed as a new entity, applying freedom to the stations with some conditions.

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