Alexsonic Manufacturing Corporation, or commonly known as Alexsonic is an Alexonian manufacturer founded in 1961, Headquartered in Alexonia City, Alexonia. Is known for its famous products such including AXCloud, Alexsonic Portal OS, Novaphone, NobaTablet, and software for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, EKS Vortex, Nitrome Unity, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Switch, ViraOS, TSUG, PTSUG, TVTSUG, iOS and Android.


Beginnings: 1961-1980

Alexsonic was founded in 1961 as Alexonian Semiconductor and Electronic Company by Martin Shirosaki, and started manufacturing semiconductors, radios and TVs. In March 1967 started its global expansion in the US, El Kadsre and UK.

In 1968 was changed to Alexsonic Manufacturing Corp.

In 1979 Alexsonic ventured into the computer gaming industry with 5 games for TSOS, and expanded to most countries.

Rise: 1980-1991

In 1982 Alexsonic opened its headquarters in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vicnora.

The Alexsonic PC-X (Ozone in Japan, Hyundai 8-OX in Korea) series was launched in 1983, the current models run Windows. In 1986 was created the Blade PC series, the models run Lunalia OS.

New technologies: 1991-present

In 1992 was created the first smart TV, called PrimeTV, the first models run Lunalia OS, while the current models run Android.

Alexsonic created JetPad in 2005, an incredibly successful tablet. The product was a huge success with 10 million units sold during the first 3 years.

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