Alice in Wonderland is a Kuboian children's Kantasy series based off the 1865 novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The series was produced by 32B Entertainment, and is their first animated series. It is considered the second ever Kantasy cartoon, after The Incredible World of Riddles.

The series ran in 1992 on several Lokalnet channels, with a single series consisting of eighteen episodes. Although the show initial received low ratings due to little promotion and only been aired on local networks, it received more notability when it was reran on Nick Jr. Kuboia from April 1997 to December 2004 and KT from 2004 to 2008.

Despite the fact that the show is branded as a show for toddlers and young children in Kuboia, it is branded as a show for older girls in most international markets.


In the pilot episode, Alice wakes up from a nap in the middle of the fantasy world she once thought was a dream. After waking, she is greeted by the White Rabbit, who claims that Alice can only return home if she gets rid of the Queen of Hearts, who has gone mad and arrested most of the White Rabbit's friends. With her new companions, Mixxi the Monkey and Fly the Firefly (who appears to have an affiliation with the White Rabbit), Alice reluctantly agrees to dethrone the queen, rescue Wonderland, and return back to her own world.

In the show, Alice is equipped with a sceptre, which has the ability to use magic. However, it occasionally has unpredictable and unexpected results, and is capable of wearing out temporarily if overused. If Alice concentrates enough, she can use her sceptre to unleash a beam of electricity, which is capable of ripping enemies in half. Alice can also transform her sceptre into different objects via telekinesis, including a sword, rocket launcher and grappling hook.

Although the show is narrated and written to a preschool level, most episodes are fairly dramatic and/or action-packed, and the series has a lot of fantasy violence. Alice and the Queen of Hearts are the only recurring human characters - everybody else is a talking animal or anthropomorphic object. Although all the animals are clothed, the male animals usually have a visible bellybutton and nipples (as most of them only wear shorts and a sleeveless waistcoat).


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Alice in Wonderland has a total of six main characters.


Alice (voiced by Esther Redbarron) is a seven year-old girl, and the show's main protagonist. She has returned to the fantasy world she once thought was imaginary in order to dethrone the corrupt Queen of Hearts. Unlike the original novel and her Disney depiction, Alice is depicted in the series as arrogant, snarky and ill-tempered. However, she has a lot of respect for the characters she interacts with.

The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit (voiced by Roy Bradbroune) is a freedom fighter, who wants to dethrone the Queen of Hearts in favour of a better monarchy (which contrasts his personality in the original novel).

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is the show’s main antagonist, who abuses her powers, and enjoys arresting people for little to no reason. Although she is depicted as a "main" character, she does not actually have much screen time, as she usually hires other villians to do her work for her.

Mixxi the Monkey

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Mixxi the Monkey (voiced by Charlie Karma) is a show-exclusive character, who acts as Alice's sidekick. He is generally upbeat, and enjoys singing, skipping and picking flowers. Mixxi has a crush on Alice, and Alice herself appears to care a lot for him too. He is extremely cowardly, and usually runs or hides behind Alice rather than fighting when they get attacked. Because of this, he is prone to getting kidnapped a lot.

Fly the Firefly

Fly the Firefly is another show-exclusive character. She acts as Alice's guide through Wonderland, but sometimes confuses Alice due to the fact that she cannot talk (though she can make noises).

Sticks the Skeleton

Sticks the Skeleton (voiced by Roy Bradbroune) is the Queen of Hearts' simple-minded, clumsy servant. Like Mixxi and Fly, he is exclusive to the show. Despite serving the vile queen, he is not mean at heart, and is simply doing his job. He is generally polite and friendly, and has no opposition for the heroes, sometimes even helping them secretly behind the queen's back.


Development on the series began in 1990. It received very little, if any, promotion prior to its airing. Suppisedly, Mixxi the Monkey and Fly the Firefly were created in fear that only having one protagonist "doing all the action" would be boring.


Critical reception

During its initial airing, Alice in Wonderland was panned in reviews, with critics negatively comparing it to the Disney feature of the same name. Some also noted that the show does not appear to follow the continuity of the original novel. Many have criticised the show for introducing elements that they consider out of place, like the introduction of a group of freedom fighters guided by the White Rabbit, the use of monstrous creatures as villians, and Alice using a sceptre to fight villains.

Other criticism came from the show's depiction of Alice herself, who is much more aggressive and devious than her Disney counterpart. Mixxi the Monkey was slated by most reviews for being a shoehorned love interest for Alice who does very little aside from getting captured. However, Fly the Firefly and Sticks the Skeleton have both received a loyal fanbase.

In more recent years, the show has started to receive some praise. Critics have appreciated the animation, which is considered better than most cartoons at the time. Some also consider it to be a better follow-up than the 2010 film, with an overall better executed premise.

On internet database website IMDB, the show has an average rating of 5.9 out of 10.


The show raised a few eyebrows during its syndication in the 1990s and early 2000s, due to the strange romantic relationship between Alice, a seven-year old human girl, and Mixxi the Monkey, with several accusing of the show of promoting and encouraging bestiality.


# Episode title Original air date
1 "The Queen's Orders" 16th August, 1992
Alice has just been given a sceptre from the White Rabbit, who puts her through training so she can fight for the freedom fighters. Meanwhile, the Queen of Hearts has hired a gigantic caterpillar to destroy the freedom fighter's hideout.
2 "Root Wild" 23rd August, 1992
The episode begins with the White Rabbit training Alice to use her sceptre's most powerful attack, but she cannot concentrate enough to use it. Meanwhile, Alice, Mixxi and Fly befriend a mushroom creature, Mushrat, who asks them to retrieve a ruby gem hidden in the Queen of Heart's garden. When the group go to retrieve it, however, they are attacked by garden's flowers. Alice and Mixxi don't know that Mushrat has been using them until it's too late.
3 "Mirror Me" 30th August, 1992
Alice helps some of the freedom fighters fix a broken mirror for the White Rabbit. Once they finish it, however, it gets stolen by the Queen of Hearts, who uses it to create an evil copy of Alice.
4 "Hot Coffee" 6th September, 1992
The Queen of Hearts hires a slug creature to destroy Alice and company, who are on a mission to free a captured White Rabbit. The only way for the group to free him is to go across a river of boiling hot coffee.
5 "Mouse Mania" 13th September, 1992
Alice and Mixxi are asked by the White Rabbit to look after some of the younger freedom fighters at the Wonderland Daycare. There, they are introduced to Little Mouse, who shows the two a secret basement where the young freedom fighters play games and have parties. Unfortunately, trouble occurs when the Platinum Wand is stolen by the Cheshire Cat, who doesn't realise that Alice and Mixxi have befriended Little Mouse.
6 "Potion Power" 20th September, 1992
The Queen of Hearts steals a potion from the White Rabbit to turn herself into a giant.
7 "A Skeleton's Surprise" 27th September, 1992
For his unbirthday, Sticks decides to invite both the freedom fighters and his villainous affiliations to his party. The White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts agree to put their differences aside for the party, but the queen uses this opportunity to lure Alice, Mixxi and Fly into a trap.
8 "Fly Away" 4th October, 1992
In an attempt to distract Alice and company, the Queen of Hearts orders Bladebeard, the apparently most menacing pirate of the Wonderland rivers, to kidnap Fly.
9 "Red Roses" 11th October, 1992
The Queen of Hearts hires a man-eating octopus to eat Alice and company. However, Alice discovers that it has hayfever.
10 "Playing Tricks" 18th October, 1992
Alice, Mixxi, Fly and the White Rabbit go and see the March Hare's magic tricks. In the middle of the performance, however, the March Hare gets kidnapped by the Queen of Hearts, and is replaced with another hare, who attempts to destroy the theatre and everybody in it.
11 "Rabbit Rules" 25th October, 1992
The White Rabbit invites Alice, Mixxi and Fly to see his relatives. However, Alice gets stuck in one of the holes.
12 "Love Me, Ape Me" 1st November, 1992
The Queen of Hearts hires a female monkey to try and get Mixxi to fall in love with her, with the intention of tricking Mixxi into revealing secrets of the freedom fighters.
13 "Ruler Reunion" 8th November, 1992
The Queen of Hearts is visited by the King of Spades for the first time in 20 years, and throws a Wonderland-wide celebration. However, the two eventually discover that they have almost nothing in common.
14 "A Regretful Reset" 15th November, 1992
On the White Rabbit's request, Alice travels back in time to retrieve a magical orb that he was unable to collect before the events of the series. However, in the process, Alice wakes up Warlok, an extremely powerful "monster pig".
15 "Play On" 22nd November, 1992
Alice and company are challenged by the Cheshire Cat to a game of footbowl.
16 "Two Paths" 29th November, 1992
Alice and Mixxi split up from the White Rabbit when they see a fork in the road.
17 "The Great Escape" 6th December, 1992
Alice has a showdown with the Queen of Hearts, with all of her friends on the line.
18 "Take Off" 13th December, 1992
The White Rabbit throws a balloon party, and Alice is told a story about the origins of Wonderland.

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  • Alice in Wonderland: The Complete Collection (2010)

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In other media

Charlie Karma reprised her role as Mixxi the Monkey several times from 1997 to 2004 as a continuity announcer when the show was aired on Nick Jr. Kuboia. She reprised the role again in 2005 when Mixxi (in costume form) made a guest appearance on Xuxa (she only provided his voice).

In 2006, Esther Barron, Charlie Karma and Roy Bradbroune reprised their roles as Alice, Mixxi, the White Rabbit and Sticks for advertisements for the Kuboian amusement park King Buster's Carnival.

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